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Breaking Up with Excuses

In 2004, an extraordinary group of women gave me 6 weeks to learn this phrase:

“Excuses are tools of the incompetent, used to build monuments of nothingness.

As long as we dwell on excuses, we will seldom succeed.”

It is now 18 years later; I had no idea then that the lessons they taught me in undergrad would go on to impact other areas of my life beyond those college days.

As I took time to reflect on that LONG list of things I didn’t accomplish in 2021, I noticed a pattern. It had quickly become very easy to find a “reason” why I hadn’t completed them.

· My “reason” why I’d put on so much weight this year: “Oh, I’m a newlywed, it’s just happy weight.” Yeah, but Alexis are you REALLY happy being 2 sizes bigger?

· My “reason” why I haven’t worked out consistently like I wanted to. “Well, there’s no time in the morning because of our hectic house and no energy in the evening because of I’m tired from a long day.”

· I found a “reason” for not making time for music, a “reason” for

not praying as often as I used to, for not reaching a savings goal (like I REALLY needed all those trips to Starbucks), a “reason” for not accomplishing this task or that.

Know what I realized?

“Reasons are excuses dressed up in pretty bows.”

Say that TWO TIMES! Often, “Reasons” are just excuses dressed up in pretty bows.” OUCH!

Listen, if you are looking for an excuse, you will ALWAYS find one.

As I sit here nibbling on a rice krispie treat at midnight, I can absolutely conjure up the excuse that it was a tough day and I needed a treat. EXCUSE. The reality is, I just want to eat it. Lol.


Say that out loud readers. Write in on your mirror. We can’t keep claiming every January “This is my year,” without putting in the work to MAKE it our year. NO. MORE. EXCUSES. No more shrinking back and letting fear stop us from walking in our purpose. No more being distracted and letting apathy, laziness and procrastination distract us from our goals. This is the year we put in the work.

NO more “I’m not connected enough.” No more “I’m scared.” No more, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

No more,” I didn’t have enough time.” NO “more “I tried it before and it didn’t work.”

Nike’s brand is recognized all over the world and it’s 3 little powerful words. JUST DO IT!

You will always be able to find a reason NOT to do a thing. Today let’s push for the reason TO do it!

THIS is the year, we don’t make excuses. We make adjustments.

Feb 2021: Me no longer letting fear excuse me from my purpose

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