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Stay in the Ring!

You can’t have a victory if you don’t stay in the ring!

That’s right! You heard me. Don’t give up! STAY IN THE RING!


Ok, we have ended the 1st quarter. How’s it going?

Have you kept your resolutions? Stayed on track with your goals?

If you haven’t met the mark, it’s not too late to get back up and try again! Stay in the ring!

A few of my coworkers have started a KETO lifestyle but one day last week, pizza was calling our name. So, they got a little distracted during our pizza party for a day and fell off the Keto wagon. The next day, I cheered them on loudly, “It’s a new day to try again.” And that’s exactly what they did!

Whatever was the new lifestyle change, the new goal you adapted way back in January, don’t lose hope. Don’t lose focus! GET UP AND STAY IN THE RING!

Frustrated not seeing the results as fast as you would like to? Press on anyway. Stay in the Ring!

Got a few more no’s than you wanted to? Maybe you’re jobhunting, pitching a new proposal, believing for new connections and got some no’s recently. Keep applying!

 Listen, we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take. Shoot again and again! Eventually, that free throw will be yours! Stay in the ring!

I developed a bit of a stutter when I got sick last year. Pride and embarrassment wanted me to retire from ever speaking publicly again. But I’m staying in the ring! My 1st time speaking again was January of this year and was ROCKY to say the least! But I kept practicing, exercising that muscle and because of that, speaking in March was better. And April will be even better than March. Why? Because I’m staying in the ring!

I automatically lose if I get out. I forfeit if I give up. You CANNOT have a victory if you don’t stay in the ring. So, we, you and me, are NOT throwing in the towel!

Trouble in the marriage? Don’t give up! Keep loving, keep trying. Stay in the ring!

Kids trying that last nerve of patience? Keep serving, keep trusting. Don’t give up. STAY IN THE RING!

Didn’t make the grade you wanted on your midterm? Keep studying and stay in the ring!

If you are one of my readers saying, “Alexis, I got this. I’m still right on track so this post isn’t for me,” GREAT! Then your message is: DON’T LOSE MOMENTUM! Keep it up!

Don’t quit that dream!

Not looking the way you wanted it to? Stay in the ring!


Frustrated? STAY IN THE RING!

Missed a day of consistency?

Get back in the ring AND stay in the ring!






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