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Time to Get Off the Bench and Get in the Game

Hey you---

You are special. Yes, YOU!

NO ONE can do YOU like YOU do, boo!

YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY, your uniqueness matters and we need you!

Listen, if you’ve ever tried to put an old puzzle together, you may recall how frustrating it can be to be almost done with your masterpiece just to find that a piece or two is missing. That’s how this thing called life is. We each are a part of a bigger puzzle and we each are needed in order for the picture to be complete.

Each of us has our own “S.H.A.P.E.” our own unique make up that comes from our Spiritual gifts (special tools from God), Heart, (what are you passionate about),Abilities, (what are you naturally good at) Personality (extrovert? Spunky? Loud? Quiet? Level-headed? Dramatic? Calm) and Experiences. (what have you been through, how did you get here). Your shape is what makes you stand out.

If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, you know we recently talked about how EACH of us has a superpower.

What is it?

It’s that one thing that you do so well that people always call on you for it. That one thing you’re known for. For me, it’s hosting and planning. I’m known for the gift of hospitality and being able to get people together and make them smile and feel loved. I also make a MEAN shrimp and grits; feeding people’s bellies and their hearts at the same time fulfill me. But neither of those sounds so “super” or “powerful,” does it?

Yet what if I told you, that thing that makes you stand out IS powerful, IS super and IS special?


Someone NEEDS what you have on the inside of you. Someone NEEDS that gift of art on the inside of you to make their home or office brighter. Great with finances? Someone needs that wealth of knowledge you have so they too can become debt free. Great at cooking? GREAT! Pack those box lunches and bless a shelter or senior center. Great at speaking? Volunteer to read at a local school during story time.

Great at hula-hooping? Someone’s after school program needs you there to teach the kids some tricks and ask them about their day.

Great at technology? How about teaching senior citizens (or maybe even 40 year olds like me) about social media. Even this website was gifted to me by someone who is great at all things tech, an area I struggle greatly. Catch that vision: all because she selflessly sowed her time and talent and gifts to make this website, I now get to stay connected to each of you. Imagine the lives that will be impacted from yours?

Great at Photography? Offer free photo shoots to single parents in May and June. Great at couponing? Teach people in lower income communities so that they too have a chance to save a coin but still feed their families. I have a really close friend who is a makeup artist and now you can proudly hear her proclaim that her salon chair is her “pulpit;” meaning she takes the moments that she spends making her clients feel beautiful on the outside and uses that time to minister to their hearts and remind them of how beautiful they are already on the inside.

One of my sorority sisters is great at crafting. She took time out of her day last week to teach us how to make no-sew blankets for the homeless. Got a big personality? Consider volunteering for your local Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Great at organizing? Planning? Singing? Sewing? Dancing? All of that can be of value to make someone else’s life better and then guess what? Together we make the WORLD better!

No one else’s shape is like yours and that is why you are so valuable. So, now that you KNOW about it, what are you going to do about it?

Spoiler alert-: There’s only ONE correct answer-


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YOU are enough. What you bring to the table is enough. We need you and it’s time.

Having trouble knowing where you rock? Need help getting off the bench and getting in the game?

Click the links below:

Read it with me here:

Hear it with me here:

Text it with me here: 205-386-0514 (that's right! I want to hear from you. Let me know how you're getting in the game and how I can pray for you)!

Read it, hear it, sing it, text it But no matter what: WALK IT OUT!!!

Til next time!


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