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Chik fil-a Kind of Love

I’m waiting for a Chik Fil-a kind of love. Yep, I said it!

Many a meme has circulated and made us giggle about the difference between a McDonald’s dining experience and a Chik fila experience. I’m sure you’ve seen them:

Take a poll and you’ll see the results are overwhelmingly the same-- Chik Fil-a gives you the kind of experience that makes you glad you came, glad you picked them out of every other restaurant you could have chosen.

And that, ladies and gentleman, brings me to the Chick fila kind of love that I know is in store for me. Yep, I just want someone that loves me like Chik-fila. Everyone is on social media saying they want an “Old School R&B kind of love” and #relationshipgoals and I just want a Chik-fila kind of love.

Here’s what I mean.

  • I am waiting for a man that honors God. I know this sounds pretty elementary but hear me out. Anybody else ever woke up on a Sunday morning craving Chik’n Minis and been disappointed that you couldn’t have them because our beloved Chick-fil-a is closed? Yeah,

Chick-fil-a has long held to its standard of being closed on Sundays so its staff can worship and spend time with their families. Well, I want a relationship where together we too make God a priority. We make Him the center. And even our courtship points an arrow back to God, makes people see Him when they see us and thus want to know Him for themselves. Can we abstain together, pray together, have devotion together? Can we put God first, together?

  • Pop Quiz: What does every Chik Fila associate say after they take your order? Yep, That’s right: They say, “My Pleasure.” As in, “I’m glad you’re here and it’s a pleasure to serve you.” What about a relationship where we prioritize serving each other? Where both of us are selfless and respond to each other’s needs with a glad heart. Serving shows the other

person, “I value you.” Sarah Jakes Roberts and her husband gave a great message on this beautiful concept that keeps relationships healthy. You can find it by clicking: here . The entire sermon is a blessing, but this poignant nugget can be found at marker 43:44 when she and her hubby share about making it a point to “outserve” each other. Let’s have a relationship where we listen to hear each other, not just to respond or "be right." Let’s have a relationship where it’s about “we,” not “I.” Marriage is MINISTRY. It is serving each other. It’s a whole lot of selflessness mixed in with compromise and when both are doing the serving, the loving, the giving, it is so worth it.

  • Work til It’s Right. Though I am embarrassed to admit just how often I eat there, one thing that keeps me coming back is that in all of my visits they have only gotten my order wrong twice. And when they did, they worked immediately to rectify it. I’m talking apologies, extra sauces, gift cards for the next visit!!  So am I looking for perfection? NO! Absolutely not, because I’m not perfect. What I am looking for, in both of us, is enough humility to admit when we are wrong, make it right verbally and with our actions, and do better for each other. Listen, we are human; it’s GONNA happen. But when its wrong, let’s work to make it right—communicate, offer solutions, take steps to not repeat. He’s going to forget something I said and make me sad; I'm sure I'll say something he can’t forget and make him sad. But what happens AFTER those mess up, the moments after the mistakes? Let’s both be willing to invest in our relationship and work together to build something beautiful and work until it’s right.

So, dear future hubby, hi. I’m Alexis, a strong-willed, creative, charismatic cutie from Birmingham who is probably going to get on your nerves when you drive too fast or when I wake up singing at 4 am. I can’t promise you every day will be rainbows and Super Bowl victories. But I can promise you random dance breaks in the kitchen, smiling until your face hurts, and the best road trip snacks. I can promise you reciprocity; I’ll never ask you for more than I’m wiling to give in return. It will be our pleasure to honor and serve each other. And yes, we can have new school R&B India Arie “Steady Love,” sure why not. But I’m also going to give you all this Chik Fila loving you can stand, and you will be so so very glad you chose me.


 **** In case you missed it, here is the link to Sarah Jake's sermon: "5 Keys for Before and After "I Do"

****For an added bonus, how about a little "Steady Love?"

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