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Keep Your Eyes on the Finish Line

Just wanted to pause and drop a quick line to encourage someone today:


Do not be distracted by anything that comes to kick you off course. Whether that is an external person or boundary making your goal feel impossible or whether that is a force in your head listing all the reasons why it can't come to pass.

When you're driving your car, you look FORWARD toward the direction you're going, right? IF you do have to look left or right, it's simply to momentarily glance at your surroundings, not to keep your eyes turned there. Why? Because failure to watch where you're going, leads to you crashing, leads to a delay in you reaching your destination. Being distracted is costly and your future you can't afford that expense.

I don't care if that goal is a new relationship, but you're up against countless situationships that have ended and gone nowhere.

I don't care if that goal is a new house or car and your lenders are telling you that you just don't qualify.

I don't care if you've been sick for quite some time and your healing just seems like it is never going to come.

I don't care if that goal is going back to school and the rejection letters are coming left and right or they are telling you it's too expensive.

You are NOT too old, too young, too short, too black, too white, too inexperienced. It's NOT too late, too expensive, too impossible. You CAN do it!

SILENCE EVERY ONE OF THOSE VOICES AND KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE FINISH LINE!  Keep your eyes on that dream, that mission, that goal, that breakthrough. IT SHALL COME TO PASS. And your future you is counting on you to push past this moment. Your future you can't afford for you to look to the left or right and get off course with distractions or thoughts of defeat. YOU WERE BUILT TO CONQUER AND YOU GOT THIS!


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