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Mission Minded vs Moment Minded

Confession time. Hi, my name is Alexis and I have a Type A personality. My line sister even went so far as to say that I am an extreme Type A (I didn’t even know that was a thing).

Anyway, I can often be so mission-minded that I am NOT moment-minded. Meaning, I’m so focused on my to-do list, on getting to the finish line of a task or event that I forget to be present to even experience it. I can have such tunnel vision that before the event is over, I’m already mulling over what needs to happen to complete the next one.

I woke up today with an action plan. All that was halted when my teenage daughter said she wanted to cook with me. I mean, volunteered. On her own. All my parents know what a miracle that was. So suddenly, today became less about the clock and how fast I can get food on the table, to instead slowing down and watching her mix and talk about family recipes and what’s been going on in her world.

Today, I paused to be present. And actually loved it. Are we off schedule at this point? Yep. Am I having a silent melt down on the inside as I look at the clock? A little. Was she totally worth it? YES!

As we brace ourselves for 2021 and thinking of all the lessons we learned this year, for me, I’m calling it the Year of the Slow Down and Sit Down. The year I learned that rest is okay. The year I learned that sometimes (not all the time), it’s okay to be off schedule if in the process I get to experience rare and beautiful moments like this. This is the year I learned:

Moment minded was greater than mission-minded. Here’s to seizing, embracing, loving, and being present for all the beautiful moments life creates.

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