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"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken...."

I've heard the trials of life referred to as so many things....Some have called them "interruptions," some "detours, " some "speed bumps" and some have metaphorically even referred to life's hurdles as "contractions." I've had enough of them to know that no matter what you affectionately call them, they are all just plain HARD!

I'm an accountant by trade so it's tough for me not to think of life in terms of numbers and charts and ledgers. This is why when I look at where I am in life now and all of its "detours", I can sometimes get a little puzzled. I thought I'd have reached this dream by 25 and that dream by 30. If I hadn't made this decision or that decision back then would I not be there by now? Didn't I take steps to accomplish Goal X and Goal Y; why hasn't it manifested yet?  The great pendulum my mind has become is a bit overwhelming at times, looking at where I am and comparing it to where I think I should be.

My pastor has a saying that he refers to as the 11th commandment. "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken." He tosses it around any time he is implementing a change that he knows we may not receive. He'll call a meeting and deliver news that will stretch us out of our comfort zones and then remind us that "blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken." In those instances, he is not just telling us to stop grumbling and complaining (since the change is coming whether we get on board or not); instead he is simply encouraging us to reach beyond our limits, be open to change and in doing so we won't allow our perspective of discomfort or change to overshadow the greatness that will come from it.

I've come to learn his little catch-phrase is useful far beyond the sanctuary walls. In fact, what an appropriate phrase to apply to life! How much stronger would we feel on our life's journey if we took that attitude? How about some word substitutions, though? Prosperous are we who can accept life's unplanned changes and still push toward tomorrow. Winners are we who take life's lickings and keep on ticking. Conquerors/bountiful/champions are we who can have a plan, reach a major speedbump, adjust and then keep going?

The long and short of it, my Type-A personality, controlling self would LOVE it if I were in charge of every single detail of my life and those around me--- if everything went according to my plans for me and my plans for everybody else! But the fact of the matter is, circumstances are going to come up that you didn't anticipate happening. Loved ones may leave, jobs may end, cars may decide to die on your way to an important event. You may get sick before a big presentation. Plans may be disrupted. Hurdles will come. There will be times that you can't change your situation. But you know what you CAN change? You! You and your reaction to it.

like the palm tree, able to bend through the storms but not break! Choose to be un-broken!!!

Single-mooning at Airwalk. Imagine a building FULL of trampolines for you to jump and flip and act an unbridled fool on because guess what: THEY HAVE GROWN UP NIGHTS!!! The inner child in me rejoiced!!!

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