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Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Have you ever heard the phrase: "Give and you shall receive?" Most of us have heard that sentence multiple times over the course of our lives and we have minimized it to refer to only our tangible goods. What a beautiful revelation to learn that this aged pearl of wisdom refers to more than just our money; it references giving our time, our talents, our love, our ability, our testimony, the mobility of our two hands, anything we have, to others. You would be surprised how just spending one day helping a senior citizen with an art or garden project or listening to him reminisce about his youth can brighten his day. Or the immeasurable impact you can have on the life of a youth just by reading to her at the park or helping her paint her room at a shelter to let her know someone cares.

This brings me to another aspect of the single-moon: SERVICE. I love that my alma mater's motto is "Service is Sovereignty," because it was this very motto that pulsed through my mind and reminded me the world is so much bigger than whatever storm I might be going through. While pulling myself up from the trenches of a broken heart, I was surprised to remember that serving, or lending my time to others, ends up being a two-fold blessing. I get to play a part in showing others that they are not forgotten, that they matter, and what they give me is...well...indescribable. The best way I can explain is this: it's so tempting and easy after giving your all in a relationship to board up your love canals and put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your heart. But what if there's something you can do to prevent that emotional reflex, that natural inclination to throw in the towel? What if serving, being a blessing to others, reminds you that it's okay to love and put that love in action by giving of your time? What if helping others also is a double salve and heals you too?

Now mind you I am in no way saying to rejoice in the plight of others. What I AM saying is that while you are going through your season of growth, let it be a catalyst to lend a hand to someone else. Let it motivate you to action; let it show you just how big the world is and that your heart is not the only one in need of a little extra love.

And the examples listed above are just a few, just a few ways I have been granted the opportunity to serve. There are many ways to get out there and put your compassion to action. Keep going, stay encouraged and put a little love in your heart! Then watch how it comes flooding back to you.......!

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